Our Pastors

Willie Moton had a burden for the community and became active in the political arena. He was elected the Treasurer for an organization called Citizens for Fourteen. The Lord spoke to him soon after to leave the organization.Willie began to have prayer in his home with three others, one of which was Kathy Rice, whom later became Kathy Moton. They committed their lives to prayer and serving their community. For approximately three years each week, they prayed for souls and the community. The Lord connected others to the prayer group as they began to do outreach ministry.

Willie and Kathy continued to hunger and thirst for more of God, they were uncertain just where it would take them. In July of 1989, they visited Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the leadership of Pastors Darrell and Pamela Hines. Within a few months they joined the ministry and were shortly united in holy-matrimony thereafter. In June of 1994, Willie and Kathy Moton were ordained as Elders at Christian Faith Fellowship Church Milwaukee.

The Lord placed in Pastors Darrell and Pamela Hines heart to extend the ministry to the Waukegan area. Pastor’s Darrell and Pamela Hines ordained Willie and Kathy as Second Assistant Pastors of the Waukegan ministry.

In March of 1997, Willie and Kathy were promoted to Pastors and now Pastor Christian Faith Fellowship Church Gurnee. The Lord placed it on Pastors Willie and Kathy hearts that their ministry would be a ministry of people loving each other with the Love of Christ. They adopted this years ago, while praying for the lost and ministering hope to those without. Pastor’s Willie and Kathy are committed to sharing Gods love. Their ministry is one of love and hope that God will indeed give his people an “expected end.”